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The lovers of nature and outdoors activities can discover up to 2000 species of plants, 170 of which are indigenous. They will enjoy the unique experience of rediscovering primitive traces in the wild life which still are so obvious on the island.

From the west to the east, from the northern parts to the very southern region of Crete the island of Gavdos, archaeological sites are found all over the island. Venetian ruins, little picturesque villages, Byzantine churches, olive groves, pine forests, vine yards, flocks of sheep, eagles gliding in the air promise a memorable experience to the visitor.

A big number of hiking and climbing trails with the E4 trail at the top of all (http://www.e4nar.gr/page.php?pid=1&1=2&,Gorge cross over (hiking or advance technical), Snorkeling and scuba diving, Fishing, Cave exploration (www.esecrete.eu) Rock climbing, Winter camping and survival, Bike riding (mountain bike), Horse riding Sea water sports, Bird watching.

Almost in every village you will find Minoan, archaic and Romaic ruins, Byzantine churches among the olive trees, Venetian walls and fortresses on the hills.

In the little picturesque villages join the natives in the squares and in the narrow streets among their homes they will treat you with iced raki (traditional spirit drink) and simple Cretan delicatessen. Festivals, celebrations and cultural events and concerts will entertain you throughout the year.

All your senses will be satisfied by sampling the traditional Cretan products and the well known healthy Cretan cuisine.
Discover the spirit of Crete through the various activities that the whole island has to offer in every nook and corner.

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